When Brahmi Oil Isn’t Enough. Avocado Oil for Damaged Hair

This is a paradox that a plant that doesn’t give oil is famous for being a beauty oil dealing with hair thinning. The truth is, brahmi – commonly known as water hyssop – has either a form of loose powder or dried leaves that are later combined with a beauty oil. Then brahmi becomes maceration and releases its properties directly to the oil it was blended with. In other words, this is how a new mixture of medicinal and beautifying properties is created.

The most popular oil used for maceration is coconut oil: it doesn’t go rancid fast as it’s typical for other oils, and makes a good natural preservative. Sadly, coconut oil isn’t well-tolerated by most hair types, including severely damaged ones, dry or thin. For that reason, before you reach for brahmi maceration, think for a while whether this blend will appear suitable for your hair. Perhaps turning to other natural oil – for example avocado oil – would make a better choice for you?

nanoil avocado oil baby hair oil

Does brahmi always work?

Has it ever happened to you to buy a cosmetic that didn’t work as intended? We frequently put the blame on the synthetic substances that the product contains, don’t we? Well, it turns out that natural product might do harm too if it’s ill-matched. Brahmi oil belongs to the very group of, so-called, deceptive products. When applied to most hair types, the oil leaves it frizzy, negatively influences its state and condition. The reason for such a adverse outcome is the above-mentioned coconut oil that isn’t suitable for all kinds of hair. Additionally, the ways which brahmi can be used in are fairly limited: basically, it’s supposed to stop excessive hair loss. Thus, comprehensive hair care must be delivered with other product.

Avocado oil: Full-on care

If your hair is dry and damaged, if it needs regeneration and strong support – choose the oil that knows how to deal with these issues well. One of such natural substances is avocado oil. This is a viable multivitamin bomb for hair. It doesn’t only improve the state of hair in a positive way but also strengthens and fixes the micro-damage that was done to hair shaft. Apart from that, avocado oil reinforces hair bulbs, combats hair thinning and stimulates hair growth.

In order to help a beauty oil prove its effectiveness, it’s better to go for a high-quality product. Only pure, unrefined, cold-pressed and unrefined avocado oil guarantees to succeed in boosting hair looks. One of the highly-recommended and top-rated avocado oils is NANOIL Argan Oil. This oil is a top-quality cosmetic that meets all the modern standards in beauty. Also, it carriers ECOCERT label.

How does avocado oil work? It makes an effective tool to regenerate your skin and body, reinforce nails, revitalize epidermis and get stunning hair, like never before.

Avocado oil: The secret of its effectiveness are the chemical constituents

Undoubtedly, the list of the world’s most popular beauty oils doesn’t include just any natural substance that displays conditioning properties. The oil extracted from alligator pear – because this is an alternative name for avocado – is an all-natural cosmetic which composition is found truly exceptional. Find out what you can supply your hair with due to treating it with avocado oil:

baby oil avocado oil by nanoil

EFAs: Essential Fatty Acids

Avocado oil has a sheer abundance of essential fatty acids, and these are mainly omega-9 and omega-6 acids, therefore the oil is perfectly suitable to be spread on normal, delicate, thin, frizz-prone, damaged and dry hair. Omega acids reinforce the natural protective coat of skin and protect hair against water loss.

Vitamins in Avocado Oil

The truth is, avocado oil carries a well-deserved name of ‘Multivitamin for Hair’. Frequently often it’s also called the ‘7 Vitamin Oil’ because this is the very quantity of vitamins that this green fruit may offer. What is their role in hair care?

  • B vitamins – and to be more precise a complex of vitamins; B5 stimulates hair growth and fosters absorption of other vitamins; B9, which is known as folic acid, aids in proper cell development; B6 slows down hair loss; B1 takes care of scalp; B2 is responsible for maintaining hair, skin and nails in good condition; B3, also known as niacin, deals with skin and hair dehydration
  • Vitamin A – combats hair loss and fights back its brittleness
  • Vitamin E – prevents hair and bulb aging, improves blood circulation in scalp
  • Vitamin H – boosts shine and elasticity of hair, keeps hair in good condition
  • Vitamin K – effectively protects hair against damage
  • Vitamin PP – is antiseptic
  • Vitamin F – stimulates skin self-renewal processes

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Minerals in Avocado Oil

Apart from the above-mentioned vitamins, avocado oil offers a multitude of minerals. Basically, it isn’t possible for skin and hair to restore their good looks without being supplied with minerals. How do they help us bring back our lost shine?

  • Magnesium – takes part in protein development, including the most important and essential for hair keratin, which in fact is a natural hair constituent
  • Manganese – is responsible for undisturbed hair growth
  • Iron – helps in maintaining hair structure in good condition
  • Phosphorus – speeds up hair growth and intensifies hair elasticity
  • Potassium – leaves hair stronger and prevents hair from falling out excessively
  • Sodium – reinforces hair and boosts its elasticity, which leads to reduced brittleness
  • Zinc – comprehensively deals with all problems that hair has to face; enhances hair beauty

Do you fancy giving avocado oil a go and learn the multitude of its beauty benefits? Visit and reach for the highest-level hair care.

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