Healthy & Beautiful Hair? Try out Brahmi Oil

Brahmi is one of Indian herbs used in traditional medicine – Ayurveda. It has versatile use both in cosmetics and kitchen. The herb helps to heal many diseases, provides beneficial effects on hair and skin. If you want to look beautiful and be healthy, you should definitely try out brahmi oil.

hair.jpgBrahmi oil – useful information

Brahmi grows in South India, Central America, China and Taiwan. Oil or powder extracted from this plant has a charachteristic scent and green colour. It contains many substances valuable to our health. Among others, we will find antioxidants that help fight free radicals. Properly stored product, retains its unique properties for longer. Remember not to expose it to harmful sun radiation, humidity and air. If use the cosmetic properly, you will see that the condition of your hair improved.

Properties of brahmi oil

Brahmi oil has positive effect on our entire organism, hair and skin. It is beneficial for cardiovascular and digestive system. Supports the work of the mind, relieves nervous tension and removes fatigue. It helps in the fight against acne, cellulite and scars. Visibly improves the condition of both hair and scalp. It prevents hair loss, strengthens the follicles and bulbs, accelerates growth. Additionally, it soothes the skin, helps fight dandruff and other scalp diseases. Prevents premature greying, splitting ends and damage to external structures strands. Brahmi is recommended for every kind of hair, regardless of colour, density, length and damage extent. It is suitable as a component of masks and colouring products.

How to use brahmi oil?

You should use brahmi oil once a week. Before washing, apply it on hair and scalp. Rub it evenly in the strands and scalp. Remember that a massage will stimulate blood circulation, relax and improve the absorption of nutrients contained in the oil. Leave the cosmetic in your hair for about two hours. After this time, wash it off thoroughly with a gentle shampoo. If brahmi oil gets into your eyes, immediately rinse them with plenty of water. Remember to put the cosmetic back into the packaging after each application. This way, you will protect it from sunlight.

Brahmi oil – effects?

Thanks to brahmi oil, your hair will be stronger, healthier and more beautiful. Additionally, it will become smooth and shiny. Hair ends will be regenerated and your scalp – nourished. Only after a few applications you will be able to notice that your strands have a nice deep colour, stopped falling out and styling is much easier. Thanks to brahmi oil you will have no troubles with combing or creating your favourite hairdos. Drying and straightening will become effortless. What is more, if you use this product, you can say goodbye to dandruff, irritation and other scalp diseases, for good. Would you like to have even more beautiful hair? Combine brahmi with other Indian herbs. Amla, shikakaki and bhringraj will provide your hair and scalp with additional nourishing properties.