Review: Brahmi Oil & Other Anti-Hair Loss Products


Brahmi speeds up the synthesis of proteins that make up our hair and skin. It is a well-known product for enhancing IQ but brahmi is also the best natural anti-hair loss oil. Read on to find out about its wonderful qualities! What are the things you still need to learn about hair care and hair loss?

Brahmi oil is extracted from an Indian herb using maceration method. The herb gives all the valuable properties to a carrier oil it is soaked in (e.g. coconut oil). It is a highly popular Ayurvedic product offering healing benefits. It is most commonly used in hair care yet brahmi oil has a positive influence on the whole body.

Brahmi Hair Benefits:

Undoubtedly, it is one of the most interesting hair oils. Usually, Ayurvedic oils present richer source of beneficial nutrients thus work better in hair care. Brahmi oil provides hair with many valuable substances e.g. phytosterols and flavonoids. Hair oiling with such an oil is the key to success yet it is not the only effective hair oil. Brahmi oil:

  • has strong antioxidant properties,
  • ensures cellular renewal,
  • stops premature ageing processes,
  • soothes scalp irritations,
  • prevents excessive hair loss,
  • can boost hair growth.

Brahmi Oil – one of the many oils for hair reinforcement.

It can’t be denied that the oil is effective and delivers amazing benefits. However, brahmi oil is not the only one that should be searched for in anti-hair loss products. Other oriental oils, black seed oil, castor oil as well as strengthening substances (not oils) also work great. What are the best and most effective anti-hair loss products?


healthy and beauty hair with nanoil


Purpose: Nanoil Hair Oil for women who look for professional hair care in accordance with nature. The range offers three oils: Nanoil For Low Porosity Hair, Nanoil For High Porosity Hair and Nanoil For Medium Porosity Hair. The first one is recommended for straight, heavy hair that is hard to style and blow-dry. The second one works for very damaged, dehydrated and split hair. The last one is intended for hair that tends to break, fall out and get weak. Nanoil Hair Oil is a remedy for every hair problem, perfect for every hair type.

Effects: Full hair care – from the roots to the ends. Regardless of the version, Nanoil Hair Oil is a lightweight and quickly absorbed product. It works both inside your hair and scalp and on the surface. It superbly moisturises, nourishes, reinforces and protects. Nanoil Hair Oil provides lipid and keratin repair, controls the work of sebaceous glands inside the skin. As a consequence, hair becomes resilient, softer, fuller looking. It is no longer frizzy, static or greasy. Strands are easier to style and dry more quickly. Nanoil Hair Oil is the best, multifunctional tool in the battle for beautiful hair.

Where does the anti-hair loss power come from?

Each version contains two innovative ingredients for hair growth and anti-hair loss, and a complex of oils that reinforce hair from the roots (bulbs). Healthy bulbs equal longer hair, less prone to falling out. For example, Nanoil Hair Oil contains castor oil, panthenol, vitamins, evening primrose oil and jojoba oil. They affect the scalp – the place that requires most strength.


SAHARACACTUS – anti-hair loss oil

Purpose: Oil for all hair types, especially for weak, falling out, thinning hair. Exclusively for external use, for hair and scalp.

Effects: It is composed of six natural oils, an amazing recipe for beautiful hair. Most of all, Saharacactus hair oil prevents hair loss, reduces splitting and boosts hair growth. Used regularly, it moisturises your hair, replenishes nutrients and enhances the looks by boosting shine and smoothness. It eases detangling and makes hair stronger.

Where does the anti-hair loss power come from?

Saharacactus offers a special combination of oils that strengthen your hair. It works mainly thanks to black seed oil and Opuntia ficus-indica oil that reinforce delicate and prone to falling out hair bulbs.


DSD De Luxe – anti-hair loss treatment

Purpose: DSD De Luxe Oil is recommended for women who expect a professional treatment for their weak and falling out hair. The oil works for all hair types. It is applied to the scalp.

Effects: You apply it to problematic areas of the scalp for 3-7 months, depending on the intensity of the problem. The product does not provide full care. It neither nourishes nor moisturises. The oil works in a precise way: stops hair loss connected with stress and other factors, prevents dandruff, reduces greasy hair and stimulates hair growth. DSD De Luxe Oil concentrates on hair bulbs and has a positive influence only on this part of hair.

Where does the anti-hair loss power come from?

It is composed of essential and natural oils that penetrate hair bulbs and reinforce them. They also increase blood circulation to the skin. You can find cedar oil, thyme oil and jojoba oil (controls skin pH) among the ingredients.