DIY: Hair Rinse & Hair Mist with Brahmi

Brahmi – an Indian herb has been known for ages. Indian women know its effects very well – nothing regenerates, protects and nourishes hair better than brahmi. It is a herb that is injected into natural oils to intensify their effects.Regular use (rubbing against scalp) will boost hair growth, become denser, more moisturised, glossy, stop falling out, become thicker, stronger and silky smooth. 

hair.jpgUnfortunately, brahmi on its own, is very difficult to distribute on hair. It appears only in the form of a green powder that must be combined with oils. Another way of use is to brew the dry powder (this way it is also suitable for drinking and is a reliable mixture that improves thought processes and concentration).

The market offers a diversity of products in the forms of oils, hair macerates with the content of brahmi herbs. However, we would like to recommend buying powder or dried leaves and prepare a rinse or hair mist yourself. Why? First of all, because brahmi in a loose form will last longer, secondly, because each time you want to use it, it can be added to a different oil matched to your hair porosity.

Recipe for a hair rinse with brahmi is extremely easy: simply brew dry brahmi leaves (you can combine the infusion with other herbs, famous for nurturing properties). Leave the brew aside for some time and allow it to cool down. Next, pour the content into a basin or a large bowl. Then, for a few minutes simply soak your hair in it. It is advisable to wrap your wet hair in a towel to keep the herbs in your hair for a little bit longer. After the whole treatment, wash your hair with a gentle shampoo.

Brahmi hair mist requires the use of a powder, available in healthy food shops or online. Pour 100 ml of boiling water over a teaspoon of such powder and brew for several minutes. Drain the liquid after it cools down. Next, add a few drops of natural oil. Make sure that the oil is properly matched to your hair porosity. If you do not know what is your hair porosity, you can reach for jojoba oil – this one is suitable for al types of strands, is gentle and does not weigh hair down. Now, pour the mixture into a container with an atomizer and spray over your hair, even a few times a day.